Find out about time credits in Telegraph Hill Feb 16



This message is from Spice. I met with them a few months ago and think it’s a great opportunity that we can be part of this initiative. Here’s you chance to help shape hopw it works in Telegraph Hill by coming along to one of their sessions at the Telegraph Hill Centre.



Hello and welcome to an exciting project showcasing in Telegraph Hill.

What is the Time Credit project?

Lewisham Council and the charity Spice are working together to develop a Time Credits Network in your area as a way of increasing community involvement. This Time Credit project is a new initiative designed to value the time that individuals give to their community. It is a simple concept; for every hour that you give to a local group or the community you gain one time credit. These credits can then be used to attend local events, activities and training or you can get an hour of help from another member of the project.  All community groups or individuals in the community are welcome to join.

What will happen at the session?

The event is a chance for you to find out more about the project and to help design how this could operate in the Telegraph Hill ward. It will be an interactive workshop designed to enable you to give ideas, ask questions and be actively involved in your local community.

Who should come along?

Your local ward councillors all support this exciting approach, so if you are a member of the community in Telegraph Hill, run a community group, volunteer for a local organisation, or a staff member of a local group or public service then this event is for you.

If you would like to bring other members of your organisation or the community please forward them this invite so they can register. Alternatively you can fill out their details and complete the registration on their behalf.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Please follow this link to register your interest:

Joan Roach

Lewisham Time Credits Facilitator, Spice

Mobile: 07429 449163
Spice is a Limited Company Registered in England and Wales: Spice
Innovations Limited No.06593956 and Registered Charity No. 1135143

Conversation Kitchen 19.05.11

Topics suggested so far for Thursday 19 May Conversation Kitchen (7-9pm in the Hill Station) are

  • Time credit  project in New Cross / Telegraph Hill (see here for more detail)
  • Conservation and progress in Telegraph Hill
  • twinning with Telegraph Hill in San Francisco
  • your home’s microclimate (some of the Goldsmiths Design Research team hope to join re their Legible Landscapes project)
  • your topic. Which is….??

Please bring some food or drink to share


Following our recent Conversation Soup event, the group felt it was a good idea to pursue the idea of regular neighbourly conversations. These will take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month 7-9pm in the Hill Station cafe.

What is the Conversation Kitchen?

The aim is to create an informal space for us to meet our neighbours and discuss a variety of topics. You are invited to propose topics in advance (via the website) and we also encourage ad-hoc conversation during the evening. We envisage several different conversations taking place at different tables. Participants free to join one / move around / start their own.

Who will be at the Conversation Kitchen?

This will work best if a wide variety of people are involved. Not everyone has the confidence to go to an event on their own, so if you’re planning to come along, maybe there’s somebody you could pick up on the way? An elderly neighbour? A young person (minimum age 18)? Somebody who has just moved into the area. Take the plunge and make the first move, you could be doing them a big favour.

What will happen?

  • Timing: the event will run from 7pm to 9pm. Don’t worry if you can’t make the whole time, just come along when you can.
  • Food and drink: please bring what you can to share. Together we should have plenty of food to go round.
  • Topics. This is a co-creation event. We are not in charge, we are just convening. So do please comment below on what topics you would like to discuss.
  • Questions. If you have any questions or suggestions at all about the event, do please contact Bill on or Catherine on