Mixer Live Word event 30.03.12

The next Mixer Live Word event is at the Hill Station on Friday (30th March). Lucy McGeown will be showing her film with a live improvised score by Archie and Ferry of Sound of Rum fame. The last event was excellent, a few people spoke (and sang) their words out loud for the first time and agreed that the friendly, welcoming group really put them at ease. So if you have something that you want to say or sing out loud, come along on Friday. Film at 6.30pm, Words from 7.30

Words at the Hill Station Feb 8

Come to the Hill Station and tell us a poem that you have written, sing us a song, read us something or just come and listen.

If you would like to stand up and tell us something contact Ian at the Hill Station


The next event will be on Wed Feb 8th

from 6pm to 8pm