Yesterday is now History opens Jun 18

After weeks of working in the basement at New Cross Learning, you can see some of the outcomes at this exhibition:

310 NX Road Gallery, New Cross SE14 6AF
18th June – 23rd June
Private View 18th June 6-8pm
Open 10-4pm Thursday to Monday

Yesterday is Now Historycurated by artist Eleanor Davies and anthropologist/historian Sophie Parker, is a celebration of the everyday objects that we frequently take for granted, or think of as rubbish. These often overlooked objects tell a story of the subtle cultural shifts that underlie historical change.

The exhibition explores the history of Lewisham from the days of the foreign cattle market, the battle of Lewisham in 1977, the millennium, to the ongoing protest to save Lewisham’s hospital. The unlikely objects brought together in this exhibition prompt a discussion about the nature of archives, and their purpose and meaning in a society driven by mass consumption.

This project is supported through the Santander graduate training scheme in partnership with Goldsmiths’ Department of Visual Cultures and the Enterprise Fund.

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New Cross Documentary workshop Feb 29

6-8pm, Wednesday 29th February

New Cross People’s Library, New Cross Road, London SE14 6AS

Come to the library for a drop-in workshop on what New Cross means to you. You can write, speak, draw, dance, or play music  – whatever you’re most comfortable with.  A camera crew will be on hand to interview you or capture your thoughts, drawings, poems and make everything into a documentary about New Cross.