As regulars know we have been working on our temporary toilet plan to provide some relief until such time as we raise enough funds to do the real thing in the back half of the building.

But unfortunately on Thursday night someone made off with half of the shed panels we had bought (after cutting through the chain that was securing them). If anybody has any clues, or could persuade those who made off with it to do the decent thing, that would be welcome.

Meanwhile we will carry on with the works and buy another shed…

First Sharing Lunch 26.12.2010

Our first sharing lunch on 26th December 2011 was a lovely event. We’ll all pitched in and enjoyed each others’ company.

Sharers came from Syria, Spain, USA, Ireland… nearly all on foot, often without knowing anybody. We all sat together and shared food and stories.

Definitely one to repeat… and maybe before next Boxing Day.

Bold Vision Common Growth

Over 40 hardy people made it through the rain to join us for our consultation meeting on community food production on Telegraph Hill. The organisers will be circulating information about the event and the next steps but here are a few personal highlights:

  • strong will to work together on this rather than chopping the land up into individual plots. More company, more teamwork, more skill sharing, more food
  • lots of interest in food production, soil improvement, rainwater conservation, bee keeping, composting, skip gardens…
  • support for the idea of a dispersed community garden – centred on the Sandbourne Road but with pieces all over the hill – unused scraps of land and currently underused gardens
  • some excellent sources of inspiration and learning – Green Shoots on our doorstep and many other projects around the country

All in, an excellent example of our Bold Vision values in action (living with openness, mutuality, potentialising and courage)