Film screenings Oct 13 and Oct 31

Lewisham might not have a cinema but Bold Vision offers you two ways to see films in the borough. Cinetopia screen a film per month in the winter and New X Learning has two films this month

There might not be a formal cinema in the borough of Lewisham but Bold Vision has two options. Check out the Cinetopia season at the Hill Station  and these two films at New Cross Learning

  • 13 October  (3 short films,, £5)
  • 31 October (a free screening of Project Wild, a joyous documentary about getting your kids back to nature by local film-maker David Bond)

The cinemas we used to have…

The Brockley Jack Film Club has put together this map of cinemas we used to have in the area… amazing! Maybe time to revive something? Please add your comments below. And meanwhile it’s not far to Crofton Park to support their local film venture. Tonight it’s “Into the Wild”, see their website for more details