Hilltoppers Extras

Thank you all of you who saw an opportunity to be entertained and have volunteered to come for either of our two slots on 28th November.

We are still looking for people to come from 9 to 12 as pub punters drinking or not or reading the paper.And then from 4 to 7  to be pub quizzers and be entertained by a celebrity pub quizmaster – Mr Steve Frost!! You’ll get to wear Christmas hats.

Where:Telegraph Pub, Dennett’s Road, SE14

You can come for one slot or the other or both but which ever you come to you need to be free to stay for the full 3 hours-longer you’re there the more fun’s to be had!!

Any more takers please email both Sam (bunchhewson@hotmail.com) and Max  (maxineostwald@yahoo.co.uk) by Monday 22nd.

See the Spring 2010 episodes here

Forum Theatre workshop 10.07.2010

Adrian Jackson is the artistic Director and founder of Cardboard Citizens, a theatre company that works with homeless people using the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). This world-renowned system allows people to use theatre to look at issues of importance in their lives and society at large.

Come join us for an afternoon initiation into this transformational theatre form and a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading practitioners. This workshop will include simple games and exercises, including Image Theatre, offering a unique opportunity to have an insight into this work, which is used in development and other contexts throughout the world. No experience is necessary, come as you are.
All profits from this workshop will go towards Bold Vision.
To register, please email petia@cardboardcitizens.org.uk with your name, mobile number and email & we will send you an invoice!
Hurry, this one will book up fast!
When: 10th July 12pm – 6pm
Cost: £30 (some bursary places available, please apply to the committee stating your  reasons for wanting a free place.
Where: Telegraph Hill Community Centre, Kitto Road, London SE14 5TY