Mad Hatters Tea Party Sep 17

Hi Friends of NXPL

First of all, a very big thank you to all of you who have enabled us to get this far with the venture of the Library being open again 3 days a week. This is now mainly under the supervision of volunteers.

If you don’t follow us on twitter then you won’t know that 316 people passed through the doors yesterday. We literally had to throw people out last night, so we will soon have to consider extending our late night on a Thursday! Poets Corner is a success and our local poets in residency will soon be taking their wares into Deptford Green School for taster sessions and then continuing workshops in the Library on Thursday 4:30-5:30. Evidence of their work will be heard at the Tea Party on Saturday when two of the poetry competition competitors recite their work.

Saturday 17th is a very busy day this week. The usual will be on offer plus…

  • 11:45 under 7s storytelling from favourite children’s books along with creative activities.
  • 2:00   Knitting Club for all abilities
  • 3:00   Creative Workshop for 8-15year olds (a few places still available) led by local artist John Paul Flintoff
  • 5:00   Tea Party with lots of lovely cakes and cups of teas (with saucers)Raffles, Poetry reading, Rap and a trio of local lads who met at primary school

The Tea Party is a fundraising event, equally it is a way of thanking everyone for their support. We need money for the rent and running costs to keep the library open by volunteers, so any donation will be well spent, what is important is that you come. We need to use it, we don’t want to lose it again.

Look forward to seeing so many of you tomorrow,

Gill (Hart)

Volunteer and chair of New Cross People’s Library

Come and enjoy your library

Thanks To Harris Library for this pic

As you might already know, New Cross People’s Library is now open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We’ve got some lovely things happening, from knitting clubs and art/bookmaking workshops on Saturdays, to manga drawing and street art during the week.

We are inviting all our supporters to donate £10+ and join us for tea on Saturday 17 September at 5pm: you can donate here:, or in person at the library. We make superb cakes & scones!

If you’re a great cake maker, you might like to bring one along too – just let us know!

With very best wishes

The New Cross People’s Library team

New Cross People’s Library: Events + Hours

With the support of Bold Vision, New Cross People’s library is now open Tuesday (10-5) Thursday (10-7) and Saturday (10-5); please come to take out books, and to our fantastic summer events.

Coming up, on 10th September we have a team from artist/digital book crossover team Proboscis, and on 17th September John Paul Flintoff to show us how to make beautiful books., or follow us on twitter.

We will also hold a big cream tea on 17th September for our supporters.

If you want to get involved, email us on