New studs for Telegraph Hill 29.05.2010

The temporary stud wall to protect the storage area (that we built in April before the floor slab was cast) needed to be demolished again, in preparation for the building of new walls sitting on the back edge of the floor slab.

So four of us did that. The materials are ready to be recycled yet again.

We also started to paint the rear brick wall.

During the week, Ian continued to build one of the glazed walls – it can be seen on the left.

Just a quick post to say thanks for letting me help with this Bold Vision project blog. I’vebeen so busy that I couldn’t make any project meetings for a long time. But, this weekend my husband, Brian McKenzie, got us out of bed (despite a heavy cold) and put buckets and gloves in our hands, and dragged us up the hill to help out. I was reluctant because I’m not the shovelling type. I’m the ideas type. But I loved it. There’s nothing more satisfying than working with your hands, with other people, for no other motive than making something for the common good, sustained by tea and lovely chocolate cake made by neighbours. After a while we had to stop, though, because there just weren’t enough of us to do certain jobs together. Next work day I’ll be there. And hope to see some more of you too.

Dig Deep

Here is the detailed info for the first community working sessions to create our cafe.

First session: Saturday Feb 13th

TASK 1:  Shift all the items stored in the undercroft, by sorting them into

  • festival performance props and sets – move to new storage space (a few floors up)
  • items we can use for the cafe – move into area that does not need digging out
  • items we need to get rid off – items to be stockpiled/bagged until next weekend

Equipment you need: sturdy shoes / boots, gloves

TASK 2: Demolish the timber enclosure in the centre of the undercroft. All materials can be recycled, and will be stored with items under b. above.  Note that this task will require some skill using hand tools and carrying out demolition tasks – volunteers will need to have some building/demolition experience and accept all responsibility for their safety on the day.

Tools required – hammers, crow bars, hand saws, portable lighting (please bring if you can)

Equipment you will need: gloves and eye protection.


Second session: Saturday Feb 20th and Sunday Feb 21st 2010

TASK 3: dig out most of the undercroft to a depth varying between 300 and 800mm.

Note that tasks will require some heavy lifting – volunteers should be familiar with safe lifting practices, be willing to work safely with others, and accept all responsibility for their safety on the day.

Tools required – shovels, buckets, wheelbarrows, scaffolding boards to build ramps (please bring if you can)

Equipment you will need: sturdy shoes / boots, gloves.