What’s in a name? Have your say about the Hill Station

Some of you were probably involved with our name choosing process. Rather than dictate to the community what we thought it should be, we invited everybody to suggest names – and got over 60 in total!

We then ran a voting process over several weeks, gradually eliminating the names with the least votes until we emerged with a clear winner. The winning name had significantly more votes than the runner up and was “The Hill Station”.

What does it mean?

The most obvious significance of the name is the “Hill”. We use it in the hill website, in the Hilltoppers local soap opera, in conversation about life “on the hill”.

And a station has resonance too as a place to go, a destination in order to reach another destination, a place to connect, a place to begin a journey that might change everything. We could see and appreciate both the humility and the possibility of “station”.

For others the name calls to mind the hill stations in Asia:

hill station is a town located at a higher elevation than the nearby plain or valley. The term was used mostly in colonial Asia (particularly India), but also in Africa (albeit rarely), for towns founded byEuropean colonial rulers as refuges from the summer heat, up where temperatures are coolerWikipedia

To some, this adds to the appeal of the name – a retreat, a place to refresh – while for others it beings memories of colonialism and elitist behaviour.

What do you think? Can we reclaim the concept of the hill station for ourselves and make sure it has the positive qualities of the original idea as well as a 21st century openness to all? Or do you have your reservations? We are interested in the debate and hopefully a convergence of views so please share your thoughts.

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