Requiem 26.2.15

After Christmas Death came to the Hill, and with its inseparable partner life, provoked soul searching conversation, reminiscences, reaffirmation and Bender.

The walls of the Hill Station transformed to black and Death was introduced by artist and calligrapher, A Dee, in golden characters. Appreciate the zen-esque impression and draw inspiration from the steady hand and line.

BEFORE I DIE… Calligraphy from A. DEE on Vimeo.


Life was abundant on the Before I Die Wall:

‘Before I die I want to Live with passion… dress up, meet crazy wonderful people + do strange things’






Hundreds of posts were made onto the wall they can all be viewed on the Bold Words1 Facebook site:

Also on the site are contributions, images, poems, cartoons and video clips.

Two events were held alongside the wall and the Facebook activities.

Death Café; where 19 people attended on a suitably cold and grey blowy evening in February.requiem2  They came for many reasons:

“I have always been interested in death”

“I had a moment of apprehension when I was about 11 when I realised that Death was inevitable….”

“I discovered my father dead in bed….”

“I am a Buddhist and we see our life as a droplet of water from the sea that returns to the sea when we die”

We all had a story to tell.  Hopes and fears were shared.

“I have not heard such deep and openly shared discussion in a group ever”

The Final fling was a small celebration by those who had been involved and a few others who showed up to celebrate Death’s passing.  We shared stories, poems and the Facebook highlights.  The best contribution of the evening won a prize.  Bridget McKenzie shared her Death By Chocolate* prize for singing and playing 2 beautiful songs reflecting her reminiscences: ‘Heart Like A Wheel’ and ‘Sweet Old World’

Bridget shared her cake and with Bold Words we said good bye to Death on the Hill.

*Cake from Jacqui at Hill Station

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