Cinderella a hoot (and a great success)

Well it happened, the first Bold Vision panto hit Telegraph Hill capably steered by Capt Sanjit with all guns blazing and a motley crew.

The photos are a hoot.

And the audience have been more than kind:

“I have been to the Panto tonight and me and my children find it fantastic and very entertaining.   We love it and also all the other people around me.   I hope that you are going to do something similar in the next future because the cast is perfect.  I hope you get enough money for the project.  Keep on going you and all the cast were great.  Thank you for make us smile and have a lots of fun.” Alex

Looooved it. great fun. HUGE WELL DONE!Sam

Babes! Fabulous show. TOTALLY unexpected judging by the usual standard. Loved every minute.”

Cripes!  That was a VERY high bar – well done y’all!AJ

Watch out for the screening of the film of the play of the fiasco coming soon to a venue near you….

It raised thousands and the Cinderella Memorial Toilet may well now be possible so huge thanks to everybody who made it happen or came and watched or had a laugh or found their inner mad person.