Spice survey

spiceIf you have ever received Spice credits maybe you can take a few miunutes to complete this survey and heolp them oimprove what they are doing/

“Hello, this is Gurjit.  I have recently taken over from the lovely  Joan Roach, as the new Spice Locality Manager . I very much look forward to meeting those of you that I have not already met!
In the meantime, I hope that you can help me with an online survey
Please let me know if you would prefer a paper copy of the survey.
Warm regards. Gurjit Jessel Harding gurjit@justaddspice.org

Spice update Sep 2012

Joan Roach, coordinator for Spice credit system in our area shared the following update:
Every month brings me in contact with amazing people doing amazing things that I am truly blessed to witness.  Please do check out Lewisham Time Credits on Facebook to see some of what has been happening during September.
The October menu offers even more opportunities for spending Time Credits and organisations are actively seeking people who can give a little time to support them in the delivery of their aims.  Take a look and do please spread the news.
  • Breaking news!  The Albany have agreed to accept Time Credits at the current AfroVibes Festival – check the attached Time Out Menu to see what is available.  There is a show on tonight if you can spread the word to your volunteers.  Thank you for working with us on this David.
  • Blackheath Halls has also offered an extensive range of performances throughout the season and we are in talks about how people get involved there too.  Many thanks to you Helma and Hannah.
  • Telegraph Hill ward had a Come and Look day open house event it was a great opportunity to visit organisations that operate at a local level. Brilliant day in the sunshine!  Lewisham Homes and Honor Oak Tenants and Resident’s Association volunteers helped to organise a very popular mini olympics event watch out for future athletes. 
  • Honor Oak Community Garden is now officially open – this is a fantastic example of a neglected space being rejuvenated by the efforts of local volunteers and local community organisations.  Well done to all involved.
  • Leemore Day Centre is now involved in creating opportunities for more involvement by service users in the design and delivery of their services.  We had a great time at the Day Centre Users Forum, thank you for the invitation Dermot.
  • The GROW project based at Ladywell Day Centre offers a range of gardening skills training for and we are developing ways to involve the wider community. I will keep you posted. Thank you for this opportunity David.
  • As the programme is developing it is great to be invited to be part of some inspiring new projects Grow Wild has recently launched and I look forward to working with them in future

Once again thank you for your support and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how the project can develop please do let me know.

Warm regards,

Joan Roach
Localities Co-ordinator – Lewisham, Spice
Mobile: 07429 449163

Find out about time credits in Telegraph Hill Feb 16



This message is from Spice. I met with them a few months ago and think it’s a great opportunity that we can be part of this initiative. Here’s you chance to help shape hopw it works in Telegraph Hill by coming along to one of their sessions at the Telegraph Hill Centre.



Hello and welcome to an exciting project showcasing in Telegraph Hill.

What is the Time Credit project?

Lewisham Council and the charity Spice are working together to develop a Time Credits Network in your area as a way of increasing community involvement. This Time Credit project is a new initiative designed to value the time that individuals give to their community. It is a simple concept; for every hour that you give to a local group or the community you gain one time credit. These credits can then be used to attend local events, activities and training or you can get an hour of help from another member of the project.  All community groups or individuals in the community are welcome to join.

What will happen at the session?

The event is a chance for you to find out more about the project and to help design how this could operate in the Telegraph Hill ward. It will be an interactive workshop designed to enable you to give ideas, ask questions and be actively involved in your local community.

Who should come along?

Your local ward councillors all support this exciting approach, so if you are a member of the community in Telegraph Hill, run a community group, volunteer for a local organisation, or a staff member of a local group or public service then this event is for you.

If you would like to bring other members of your organisation or the community please forward them this invite so they can register. Alternatively you can fill out their details and complete the registration on their behalf.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Please follow this link to register your interest:

Joan Roach

Lewisham Time Credits Facilitator, Spice

Mobile: 07429 449163
Spice is a Limited Company Registered in England and Wales: Spice
Innovations Limited No.06593956 and Registered Charity No. 1135143

Bold Vision and Time Credits?

Moving on from the timebank concept, Lewisham is looking to pilot time credits and Telegraph Hill is one of the two chosen areas. Is there anybody who can represent Bold Vision at the next meeting? (11am-1pm at Lewisham Town Hall)

More info on the concept here