Winter Solstice Parade Dec 21

Do you enjoy the Summer and Winter Solstice parades between New Cross and Telegraph Hill? Would you like to see the new tradition of the Night of the Beasts winter solstice parade maintained? If so, for it to happen, we need a couple of volunteers. One person to co-ordinate and publicise the event, and one person to be the parade leader. 

  • The co-ordinating work involves: informing the Telegraph pub of the start time, co-ordinating with Transition New Cross to organise the New Cross leg of the parade, encouraging families/groups to make costumes, making and distributing a poster, publicising online and with schools, arranging for musicians to be there (we usually invite Les Zoings and the Transiberian March Band), arranging a simple party (probably at the Somerville Adventure Playground this year). 
  • The parade leader needs to organise making of an impressive costume, decide and inform on the route, help keep it safe, and make the parade lively by dancing in costume. 

For more information on how it works, see this and contact Bridget and Brian McKenzie on 0207 639 9833or 

Summer Solstice Parade Jun 21

Our 3rd Telegraph Hill Summer Solstice parade… one not to miss. Updates

A celebration of our diverse community now and its heritage of food production, orchards and market gardens.   Whether musicians, dancers, costumed, declaiming words or sharing food – bring a drum, a tambourine, come swathed in green or dressed as a bee . . . all are welcome.

Parade meeting points on Friday 21st June are at New Cross Learning (TBC 4.30 ish) and the Telegraph pub (5.00-6.00).Note that Grow Wild are now joining us on the Sat 15th making day workshop with a seed bomb making table…
and will be providing (some) food for the post-parade picnic on the actual day 21st.




Winter Solstice Dec 21`

In the run-up to this year’s Winter Solstice parade there are two workshops and the parade itself.

  1. Free withy sculpture workshop. Make parade paraphenalia in prepartion for a Winter Solstice Parade… Saturday 8th Dec. 1pm to 4pm. all welcome. New Cross Learning. SE14 6AS
  2. Free withy sculpture workshop to make your own items for the Telegraph Hill Winter Solstice Parade. Saturday 15th Dec. 11am  to 4pm, everyone welcome. Telegraph Hill Centre. Craft room (this is coinciding wih the craft collective fair in the Narthex)
  3. The Winter Solstice Parade itself happens on Friday 21st Dec. Join the parade of animals either at New Cross Learning around 4.15 or at The Telegraph Pub, Dennetts Rd from 5.30. The combined parades will then process to the Hill Station for continued evening celebrations.

Grow Wild activities

  1. Dec 7 onwards: The start of building the Telegraph Hill Centre garden where we will be building raised beds on Fridays from 12 noon
  2. Dec 5: Planting and cooking demo activity at the EWCS AGM 5pm -7pm.
  3. Dec 12/19: Cooking at the Youth Club 7-9.30pm
  4. Dec 21: Winter Solstice on 21 December with Parade and Winter harvested treats
  5. Dec 26: Sharing Lunch on Boxing Day

Primary school Fairs. We are organising planting activity and cauliflower fritters for these fairs:

  1. Dec 7: John Stainer 3.30
  2. Dec 8: Edmund Waller  2 -4pm,
  3. Dec 13: Childeric 3.15pm
  4. Dec 14: Kender 3.30pm.

And don’t forget Souper Sundays at the Common Growth garden.

Night of the Beast workshop 17.12.11

 Join the Beast making workshop on 17th December, all day in the Art Room at the Telegraph Hill Community Centre. Artists will be in there making masks, headdresses and a giant furry beast, and you are welcome to try your hand at making your own as materials allow. If you want to bring materials & ideas to add that’s great.

The Beasts will be part of the Solstice Parade on Dec 22nd which will be starting at the Telegraph pub and winding through Telegraph Hill. All welcome