A terrific year at New X Learning!

I recently attended the New Cross Learning AGM and have to say those people go from strength to strength. The diversity, inclusion and sheer stamina of the team is remarkable.

Over the Christmas holidays they will be taking a well earned break, but work won’t stop at the library. Thanks to a maintenance grant from Lewisham Council the ceiling will be replaced, doors repalightbox 2 2014ired and the whole place will get a fresh new look by the time the decorators are done. All the perfect compliment to the second Lightbox Art that was completed by Jess and co this week. The picture gives you some idea but pop in to see it for yourself. And if you’re not already a registered user signing up is a great way to support them too.

NXL Highlights 2013/14

Oct 13        Black History Month Black Panther magazines draw 2 ex-Panthers from the States for an ad-hock discussion and meeting

Nov 13       Big Book Sale plus The Auction proves to be a quick way to make money, attract more users with an increase in issue numbers

Dec 13        2nd AGM and Xmas Fayre. Kathy and Gill remain Co-Chairs as agreed at the AGM.

Jan 14        Workshops commence for the Chinese New Year, the year of the Horse. More Chinese participate this year.

Feb 14        LGBT month is celebrated with a showing of Broke Back Mountain, the first of our Pop-Up Cinema shows

Mar 14      Basic Skills IT Training course starts that is aimed the Silver Surfers. A most moving evening hosting 13 Palestinian women who told us about life in their country and what faces them every day. John Kirk’s performance of Private Peaceful brought tears to our eyes.

Apr 14        Ewan McColl remembered from a 50 year old recording with Travelling People brought to us by Mark Brown of Goldsmiths’. Another successful partnership with New Cross Free Film Festival brings famous director, Ken Loach to NXL.

May 14      Joined with Dig to help with Tomato Fest seeding Managed to sell some new books. 25 kids sat still in a cartoon graphics workshop.

June 14      Patchwork workshops and Gypsy recognition as the Roma Festival is held here at NXL.

July 14        The Lease is signed and big thanks go out to the Bold Vision Backers, especially Catherine and John who never gave up on us.

Aug 14       Mystery walks and picnics were even more popular this year. A brilliant trip down river to see the Poppies at the Tower brought a diverse group of people together.

Sept 14      Party in the Park was a promotional success with over 5000 people grooving to Punk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Reggae Blues and Folk music all day long. NXL hosted all the meetings, allowed the bank account to be used and did the printing i.e. put New Cross on the map.

Help needed for Party in the Park Sep 14

New Cross Party in the Park NEEDS YOU on Sat 14 Sep 
New Cross Party in the Park is  in Fordham Park 1-8pm with loads of great music, community stalls, food, drink and much much more – it’s just the kind of thing that we need, if you agree can you PLEASE help and make sure that it’s a successful event that we can do again and again.
The people who are currently making this possible are a very small group of very dedicated people – but there’s only so much they can do – if you can offer 2 hours on either the Saturday or the days either side you will be able to enjoy the party that much more knowing that you are doing something to make it happen.
All you need to do is email newcrosspeopleslibrary@gmail.com saying which 2 hour slot(s) you want to do – simple and it will be HUGELY appreciated.

Celebrate the last days of summer at Party In The Park in New Cross: 14 Sept 2013

Don’t miss out on Party in the Park in New Cross, the free community & music festival with a large number of brilliant young bands, which wraps up the end of summer on 14 September, 1pm-8pm.

The Party, organised by New Cross Learning and Madcap Coalition in Fordham Park, is a revival of the famous Urban festival. It’s a community event for all ages, with family events, arts and crafts, stalls, spoken word, as well as local bands and acts for all tastes from disco to reggae, punk rock, soul and folk. There will be food stalls, a beer tent, a bookstall and bric a brac for sale.

“In its day, Urban Festival was the alternative Glastonbury. This party is being organised by local people for local people and it’s also a celebration of local talent – the musicians and artists you’ll be reading about next year. And unlike so many festivals today it’s absolutely free,” said New Cross Learning Chair Kathy Dunbar.

“We think the Party in the Park embodies the spirit of New Cross: this is a brilliant community and people have come together to volunteer their time and local organisations have sponsored the party,” said Dunbar

Patrick Lyons of Optical Radio will MC on the main stage,  and acts include a hula hooping showcase, street dancers, a zumba class, as well as a stage for local musicians: Bands/ singers include:

Ben Holland

Little Big Noise

Emily Eccles

Nunhead Folk Circle

Mark Sampson

Nathan Kidd

Murphy McFall

Jean Jean’s Massive hugs

Stolen (999 club)

The Magic City Trio

The Donuts

The otherside

The Hotelles

The Shocks of Mighty!


Eddie Capone

Thee graverobbers

Ben Singer

The Family of Cats

The Fruitful Earth

The Pit Ponies

Old Kent Roadies

Lectric Love

Captain Spangles

Unit 137 Soundsystem

The Party’s sponsors include Sanford Housing Cooperative, The Hill Station Cafe, The New Cross Inn and Little Nans Bar.

The organisers are still looking for volunteers: contact newcrosspeopleslibrary@gmail.com.


Event notes: 

Party in the Park will take place at Fordham Park, New Cross, on Saturday 14 September from 1pm-8pm.

New Cross Learning is a community run library and learning space in New Cross and volunteers working for the library have played a major role in organising the programme for the Party. Our website is www.newcrosslearning.com.

MadCap Coalition is a performing arts organisation which organises Urban fetes and workshops. http://www.madcapcoalition.org.uk/

Updates to the line-up and the event can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/537516406305092 and on the twitter feed @partyinthepark3