Conversation Soup!

20 or so people will gather in the Hill Station 7-9pm this Friday Mar 18th.

The point of the evening is to bring together people who might not otherwise have met, for a meaningful discussion. We will serve simple fare (soup, bread, cheese, fruit) to sustain us while we talk. Why not join us? Just let Catherine know if you would like to join in (

The theme? Creating a Community of Difference

The demographic classification of SE4 and SE14 is “Bohemian Melting Pot” and it is unusual in the UK in terms of openmindedness and cultural / age / class diversity. However shyness, uncertainty and different lifestyles conspire against us actually enjoying each others differences. We often gravitate towards those most like ourselves, not from prejudice but just because that is what happens most naturally. We want this supper to be part of making it easier for us to share some of the astonishing wealth of skills, knowledge and wisdom in our area.

If you would like to be part of this supper, or would like to nominate somebody who you think would enjoy it, please drop me a quick email with a couple of lines of background. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

You won’t need any special skills, education or status in society to join in. It is not in any way a test or a trial. We are very interested in having as wide a range of people participate as possible. The only requirement is an open mind and being prepared to talk to a stranger.

Planning a conversation dinner…

The Oxford Muse Foundation is beginning a project across the Borough of Lewisham creating in depth conversations between people who would not normally meet. The aims are to increase awareness of the richness and diversity of local people, to discover hidden talents, create a greater sense of connection and belonging, to create collaborations between people who wouldn’t normally meet, and such like.

The Project is the idea of writer and thinker Theodore Zeldin, author of ‘An Intimate History of Humanity’, and is in association with the National Portrait Gallery, Lewisham Borough Council and the NHS. The BBC are also making a documentary about the project for Radio 4.

We aim to have a conversation dinner soon in the Hill Station around the theme “A Community of Difference”. The eventual aim is to connect together 200 people from all walks of life who would not normally belong to such a diverse group. We believe this will have a positive impact on these 200 people and on the community as a whole. If you would like to be involved, or would like to suggest somebody who you think should be, please contact us.