10.02.2011 7-9pm Telegraph Hill Assembly Meeting

This will take place at Barnes Wallace Community Centre, 74 Wild Goose Drive, SE14 5LL. Open from 6.45. Refreshments available.


1. How shall we spend the £43,750 Mayors Fund in our area?

We agreed last year that our priorities are:

  • Youth activities and support projects
  • Community Activities
  • Safety, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Cleaning up Dirty Streets
  • Traffic Calming and Transport

2. Information on the planned NHS Health Reforms

Local GP Brian Fisher will give information on the planned changes to Health services. Plus how the local Primary Care Trust (NHS) used oour comments from last February’s health meeting.

3. Community updates and information

  • Summer ward-wide community event
  • Telegraph Hill Festival
  • Skatepark Update
  • Update on local Libraries
  • Honor Oak Community Library

4. Watch the Ministry of youth video on how it feels being a young person in New Cross