Bold Vision and Time Credits?

Moving on from the timebank concept, Lewisham is looking to pilot time credits and Telegraph Hill is one of the two chosen areas. Is there anybody who can represent Bold Vision at the next meeting? (11am-1pm at Lewisham Town Hall)

More info on the concept here

Seeds are sown for Common Growth

Following a constructive meeting with Lewisham Council, Bold Vision now has a “Tenancy at Will “agreement with the council which allows access to the Sandbourne Road site for soil testing, groundwork, planning etc prior to the signing of the lease agreement early in 2011.

We have also discussed the longer term possibility of a Community Asset Transfer which would give us permission to use the land for 25 years. We will talk further to the council later in 2011 about this.

Meanwhile the Common Growth team are forging ahead with their plans. If you would like to get involved please contact Kat Drake

(this photo is from not us… yet!)