Bold Vision Common Growth public consultation results

The results are in and it’s looking good. Over 90% of those surveyed were supportive of the project, recognising its value for the community as well as the produce.

This helps to get neighbours involved and also to get to know each other

In order of importance, they saw the benefits of this community gardening project to be based at Sandbourne Road as:

  • Providing activities for the children
  • Creating a pleasant space to spend some time in
  • Getting to know our neighbours
  • Producing local sustainable food
  • Providing workshops and learning opportunities
  • Supporting the Hill Station café

You can read the full report here: Sandbourne Road consulation report. Contact Kat for more information

Food reviews

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First Sharing Lunch 26.12.2010

Our first sharing lunch on 26th December 2011 was a lovely event. We’ll all pitched in and enjoyed each others’ company.

Sharers came from Syria, Spain, USA, Ireland… nearly all on foot, often without knowing anybody. We all sat together and shared food and stories.

Definitely one to repeat… and maybe before next Boxing Day.