February the 3rd: SOUP-er Sunday at Common Growth


Hi Everyone,

The dark and miserable month of January is nearly over and slowly our daylight hours are increasing again.Yeah! To celebrate this we are starting February with another SOUP-er Sunday on the 3rd of February! Louise from Grow Wild will be sharing some delicious home made soup with us and if weather permits do a little cooking demo as well. Everyone is welcome to join us from 2-5pm! The attached photo was taken at a previous Soup-er Sunday. We are keen to continue to share food and conversation at Common Growth – and we’re looking for more people to get involved with the cooking, sharing and the gardening, so do come along some time!

As ever there are plenty of tasks to get involved in at Common Growth, such as finishing the building of the greenhouse, building steps, digging the pond, and constructing the pergola. There is also still some ‘Elephant Garlic’ to plant – I know a bit late for garlic, but better than never (I’m not sure that’s a phrase in English – I’m translating from Dutch!)

Hope to see you on Sunday.

On behalf of Common Growth

P.S. Do make sure your come prepared for mud and rain! (I’m not sure I’m selling it here, but MetCheck said only Light Rain for Sunday afternoon, so no excuses!)

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Common Growth News Update and Minutes

If you are interested to read the Common Growth  ‘end of season’ steering group meeting minutes, please click here! Common Growth minutes oct 2012

We try to keep the garden open on Sunday afternoons (2-5pm) throughout the winter months, but please accept our apologies if the garden is closed due to bad / cold weather…bear with us!

We are planning plenty of ‘building activities’ in the garden over the winter period, and are looking for people who can help out building decking and a path, putting together a greenhouse and digging a second wildlife pond. So get in touch if you want to help out!

email: commongrowthuk@gmail.com

See you soon,


Common Growth minutes oct 2012



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Community gym

Get fit the smart way by joining in one of these opportunities:

Hill Station extension Sat Feb 11am-2pm

Painters, basic building skills

Telegraph Hill Centre Workday

Volunteers wanted to help sort and move equipment & furniture

Saturday 3 March 2012
11.30am to 2pm (or sooner)

If you can spare an hour or two that would be fantastic

Please call or email Jane Hartley Centre Manager on 020 7639 0214, Telegraphhill@toucansurf.com


Paving the way

You might have noticed work is going on behind the wall at the Hill Station. For those of you who haven’t managed a sneaky peak, this photo shows the lovely new concrete floor that has now been laid. Depending on how the curing process goes we are hoping part of our Annual General Party (and meeting) next Friday Jan 20 can take place in this emerging new space.

All hands were on deck 14.05.11

As you might have seen, something is going on in front of the Hill Station cafe…. still open for business as usual but in the spirit of constant improvement…

(first the toilet then the serving bar and now the deck… and we have further plans, funding permitting)

…the latest community team effort has been to dig up the asphalt in front of the Hill Station.

This will be followed by decking and planters with apple trees… more volunteers still needed, just drop us a line to join in the fun. Get fit, learn new skills, meet your neighbours and help create something beautiful!

Minutes 03.05.2011

  1. Magic show. May 6 TEN, staff, publicity, performance etc all organised. A fabulous show promised.  Need more people to buy tickets.
    Catherine s to send another email.
    Max offered to hand out flyers at Edmund Waller.
    Poster to go up in cafe.
    Max to collect float from Catherine.
    Sanjit, Stephen and Susan to help set up chairs from 2pm.
  2. Revue show. Jun 4 Lots of great acts lined up. Music, comedy, dance, performance poetry etc. Narthex to be dressed more glamourously. Bar in the Hill Station.
    Catherine S to remind RSA about evaluations.
    Then publicity, bar staff, TEN etc to organise.
  3. Big lunch. Jun 5 Max has applied to close the road. Agreed to have craft Market and children”s craft market. Max will arrange musicians. BBQ.
    Patricio to do a banner.
    Catherine E will contact St  Thomas the Apostle steel band.
    Stephen to contact ark in the park people.
    Max to investigate re sound system.
    Sanjit to ask the Middle Class Sound System. Will need help setting up from 10am.
  4. Building works. From May 14th. Some volunteers have come forward. More needed.
    Stephen to do a volunteer flyer “all hands on deck”.
    John to coordinate. Weekdays as well.
    Patricio will organise replacement of Fabric to coordinate with this. Ian has some plywood they can use
  5. Fundraising. £10k from Lewisham is secured. Events will make money. Maybe Bold Backers would be prepared to add their investment if offered at Big Lunch?
    Catherine to investigate Dragon fund.
    Some discussion of PR eg Patricio has connections with the community channel. Sanjit has connections with the Telegraph.
  6. Finances, business plan etc. Stephen started the School for Social Entrepreneurs course as recommended by Lewisham (they wanted somebody from Bold Vision to participate). He proposes that a subgroup works on our business plan. Need to address AGM, election of trustees, charity and/or company? Auditing? governance structure etc.
    Volunteers: Clare, Stephen, Sanjit, Patricio, Catherine S, Catherine E (obs).
  7. Evening use / bookings. Ian to produce guidelines re furniture, cleaning etc. If there is a charge to the public eg weaning nutrition courses, then there should be a 20% donation to Bold Vision. Needs to work for Ian and his team as well as being open for community use. And when things go wrong the cause and effect needs to be addressed so that we improve as we go. Especially security and cleanliness. Checklist for evening users that they mark and sign off.
    ActionsIan will draft and Sanjit will help proceduralise.
  8. Evening opening. Will start once deck is done. Some food eg tapas, and bring your own wine.
  9. Macmillan House garden project formally adopted. Stephen and Claire to sort out MoU
  10. Ward Assembly tour on Sat July 2. Agreed to participate. Between 11-3pm. We will bdecide what we do exactly at next meeting.
  11. Transition Town food group. Catherine S to liaise
  12. Goldsmiths Council. Sanjit to respond to councillor Joan Millbank’s request for us to be involved
  13. Living wall. Cover pebbledash? We need a grounded proposal to PCC / Sheridan. Patricio reminded us that original inspiration came from a Haberdashers student at original workshops (pre birth of bold vision). Patricio has produced a test – a ceramic piece that will be attached to the wall but not touching it all over. Patricio will discuss HSE with John K. First draft to next meeting. One year timeframe.
  14. New vicar. Decision to invite Sheridan to the next BV meeting.
  15. Two Stories Told Live. JK knows people who do it and Sanjit is writing a piece on it. Maybe one for us?
  16. Next meeting Tues 7th June

This draft prepared by Catheirne Shovlin, pending management team agreement