Minutes of Bold Vision and AGM 05.07.11

Attendees: John Knepler (Chair and Director), Catherine Shovlin (Director), Stephen Carrick-Davies (Director),Maxine Ostwald (Director), Stuart Bell (Treasurer), Susan Edwards, Ian Convery, Clare Sharpen,Patricio Forrester, Louise Owen, Richard Haines, Jim, Amos

Apologies: Sanjit Chudha

  1. Report and Accounts. The Directors agreed to the Annual Report and Accounts.
  2. Treasurer confirmed that these will be submitted to Companies House.
  3. Sincere thanks to Stuart Bell (Treasurer) in his set up of systems and processes for Bold Vision.
  4. Election of Directors. Unanimous re-election of John Knepler, Stephen Carrick-Davies and Catherine Shovlin as Directors. Maxine Ostwald resigned as a Director. Sincere thanks to Max for all her contribution to Bold Vision; she will be missed.
  5. Stephen proposed that those working on the Business Plan look at convening membership of Bold Vision in time for our next AGM in the Autumn.

Bold Vision Committee Meeting

Attendees: John Knepler (Chair), Catherine Shovlin (Director), Stephen Carrick-Davies (Director), Maxine Ostwald, Stuart Bell (Treasurer), Susan Edwards, Ian Convery, , Clare Sharpen, Patricio Forrester, , Richard Haines, Louise Owen, Sanjit Chudha, Jim Carling, Amos

  1. Minutes of the last meeting were agreed
  2. Report from Common Growth. Have encountered issues with soil contamination but are planting in pots, have wild flowers, have installed a pond (with toad!), and will install 3 raised beds. A lot of local support; now it’s time to get community participation to focus on growing for next year. Have had great support from Councillor Dan Whittle. A memorandum of understanding has been drafted between Bold Vision and Common Growth. Common Growth would benefit for help with identifying potential funding from a member of Bold Vision.
  3. Review of recent events.
    Evening opening: some complaints after Saturday night re noise; needs to be better managed with no children after a certain time. Only breaking even on evening events. May do targeted family events, and no-children events. Ian will apply for a Premises License as well as individual ones for Ian and Louise.
    Macmillan House event was a real success and Sachen won the Lewisham Young Achievers Award.
    Ward Assembly Tour; we fell off the list but it went well at the Centre.
  4. Fundraising Unsuccessful application to the Rose Foundation, but we’ve been asked to apply in 2012.
    The Revue generated £1,200 profit; big thanks to Sanjit for making this happen. We will hear about our application to Take Part funding for the Library this week.
  5. Cafe profits are improving now the decking is in place, although Ian working on the decking has increased staffing costs in the cafe. Ian will invoice Bold Vision for staff overtime.
  6. Panto is being planned; dates tbc; should raise £4k – £5k. Also possible fundraiser for New Cross Peoples Library tbc.
  7. Proposal for running a Cinema Club on Thursdays in the cafe; but there are issues to be discussed.
  8. Discussion around our policy on renting out the cafe in evenings on a commercial basis to raise funds for future building work; to be covered in a future meeting.
  9. Decking is almost finished and it is fantastic. Wrap-around seats and a notice board will be installed. There are still some things to be finished.
  10. Building Works: Next phase building works budget has been circulated. We need to raise another £35k to cover the full costs. We have £22k in the bank. We need to plan how to use the space going forwards. Need to ensure that Ian is not sucked in to volunteering so he can focus on cafe. ACTION: Susan to check with Jane at the Centre about a Volunteer Co-ordinator.
  11. Business Plan: Stephen presented the initial ideas for the structure of the business plan which the group agreed to. Extensive discussion ensued about:
    • Communication of Bold Vision; Stephen and Ian will put up the notice board(s) next week
    • the use of the space going forwards; John will put on the agenda for the next meeting
    • Having an end point for Bold Vision itself, but agreed that having a 2 – 3 year time frame for committee members would be helpful.
    • Louise suggested ‘shadowing’ people in tasks so different people can take on roles in future, so people don’t get ‘stuck’
    • Sustainability of the activities that we do
  12. Bold Vision’s agreement with Ian. We agreed to extend the agreement for a further year to 16th July 2012; following this John proposed to review this again and go out to tender once the development phase is complete, which is subject to fundraising, building progress and flexible Bold Vision strategy.
  13. Linked to this we need to discuss about the use of the space, the commercial tendering process, review of the finances. It was noted that the cafe would not exist without Ian’s contribution and he has helped to develop the space from the start.
  14. Gallery curator. Patricio will organise a group to take over this role. ACTION: John and Patricio will install improved, flexible lighting for the art.
  15. Updates. No further progress on Oak Hill nursery. Next meeting: Tuesday 6th September 7pm
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