Call out for a new Treasurer

After some sterling work over the last few years, our able Treasurer Stuart Bell is stepping down.
So Bold Vision requires a new voluntary bookkeeper/Treasurer to maintain day-to-day accounts and manage the overall financial affairs of the charity. The tasks take around 1-2 hours per week plus regular monthly committee meetings.
The key tasks are:
– deposit money and pay bills,
– monitor all cash and bank transactions including donations
– reclaim Gift Aid
– maintain financial records as required by charity and company regulations
– prepare monthly management accounts and cashflow projections for management committee
– prepare annual cashbooks and liaise with Bold Vision’s external accountant in relation to the annual accounts
– ensure appropriate financial controls are maintained and recommend new policies where necessary.
Skills/experience required are:
– experience of bookkeeping for small organisations or charities
– knowledge of accounting principles and financial reporting framework for charities
– good computer/spreadsheet skills or ability to use basic bookkeeping software
– ability to work collaboratively with diverse members of the community
– willingness and ability to attend regular meetings in SE14
– commitment to community development
If you think you might be able to help, or know someone who could, please get in touch with us

How to become a Bold Vision volunteer or member

Be part of our world...join here

At our next AGM (Sep 30th 2015 at 127 Pepys Rd) is open to all Bold Vision members. You are eligible to become a member for any (or several) of the following reasons:

  • being a Bold Backer
  • giving sweat equity (working on our build)
  • working or performing at a Bold Vision event (show, panto, football tournament, tennis…)
  • volunteering at a Bold Vision project (eg library, Common Growth, McMillan garden)
  • joining the management team
  • offering to set up a regular gift of £4 per month

Please let us know if you are coming along so we know how many people to expect

Be part of our world...join here

Tree poster policy

Posters on trees is a great way to get the word around. And if we manage this well then we will probably be allowed to carry on (the Council are cautious because they don’t – and not do we – want the trees covered in commercial advertising). To see how best to spread 50 posters to get good coverage, this map might be useful SCAN0151_000

So help us all keep the possibility by following these guidelines

  • A4 or smaller on trees (A3 is fine in front windows or on trees or placards inside people’s front gardens)
  • Just paper – please don’t laminate them – in essence the tree posters are to be transient notices of imminent events. Something laminated is just too permanent and encourages others to to likewise.
  • Also the plastic plackets imply a degree of permanence and do get to look very tacky. It’s acknowledged that inkject printers run but they are getting less common and if need be people can approach a friend with a laser printer or photocopy at the Centre.
  • No posters in the parks even for park events. There is a noticeboard in the lower park and (as an exception to the laminate “rule”) a laminated A4 notice can be put on each gate for park matters.
  • No more than 50 or so over the whole area. A map is attached showing that this does provide adequate coverage.
  • Finally, and most importantly, everyone to remove posters once they are no longer useful. With events this is easy. When people are advertising new services it’s trickier to judge, but once a poster has been up for a fortnight most people who would be interested would have seen it. So if you are doing this sort of advertising – put small box on the poster with the date when you have put it up and the date by which you will remove it. If left in place after then, fair game for others to remove them, along with any other out of date event poster.

Gift Aid Declaration

Bold Vision became a registered charity in Sept 2010. All donations made since this date by UK taxpayers can be used to claim Gift Aid – making your donation 28% bigger at no cost to you.

Please fill in this form Gift Aid declaration and return to or hand to a Bold Vision director or post to 39 Wickham Rd, London SE4 1LT.

Thank you for your generosity – we couldn’t do it without you!

Our Policies

Please note the following Bold Vision policies

In addition you can see our