Change to Hill Station cafe opening hours

Please note that during the winter months the cafe is closed on Wednesdays to give staff a chance to prepare food and carry out repairs.

The rest of the week continue as now ie weekdays 9-5 and weekends 10-4

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4 thoughts on “Change to Hill Station cafe opening hours”

  1. Having visited the Hill Station on two occasions in the last 6 months and having been met with total indifference bordering on rudeness I would be quite happy if it closed everyday. What function does this pretentious cafe have exactly. Can pensioners get a decent cup of tea and a reasonably priced nutritious meal? No! Is the information corner kept up to date? No! Is it somewhere for pretentious yummy mummy,s to let there children run around while drinking their java. Yes! This place could do so much better but at the moment it is far too pretentious to attract a cross section of the local community.

    1. I have to disagree very strongly with this post. There always was the possibility of pretention with this project but its quite the opposite. I was in the cafe the other day and was impressed by the welcoming attitude of the people working that day towards a group of adults with learning difficulties, it was obvious that they were regular cafe users and the staff couldn’t have done more to make them feel at home. There are all sorts of people in and out of the Hill Station and Bold Vision should be applauded for for creating a much needed resource and doing it so well. Prior to having my child (am I a pretentious yummy mummy?) I worked in the hospitality industry, the food on offer at the Hill Station is of a very high standard and keenly priced. Five pounds for a cheese toasty and really good homemade soup is really good value. There are more traditional cafes not so far away where cheaper food can be bought but you can’t compare them to what is on offfer at the Hill Station, they are completely different things. Perhaps the Hill Station could consider a discount for pensioners.
      He’s right about the door though, get a closer on it.

  2. Can the door be fixed so that it actually closes. Customers and staff seem to be incapable of closing it which causes a draught and in the winter months will put your heating bills up.

  3. I’m sorry that Malcolm has felt unwelcome at the Hill Station, we have discussed this within the team and we are taking steps to try and ensure that when people come to the cafe, they have a positive experience. We are also installing a door closer.

    We have had other complaints from people about the number of people with babies and young children using the space and as a response to this we instituted a ‘quiet Friday’ where we asked people to keep that day a quiet day. We did not expressly say that people could not bring their children into the Hill Station, but tried to nudge people towards allowing Fridays to be quieter. However, the people who complained about the noise still didn’t use the space so we have quietly let it slide back to an ordinary day.
    As far as cost is concerned, you can certainly go to more traditional cafes and get cheaper food. We don’t try and compete with cheaper cafes by offering fry ups with tea or coffee for a few pounds. I guess if people felt that we were over priced they wouldn’t use the Hill Station but every day we get compliments about the quality and affordability of what we offer. The Hill Station is used by a variety of people, those who can obviously afford to eat reguarly and those people on lower budgets that only come in now and again. We could change our menu and offer more traditional ‘greasy spoon’ type food made from the cheapest ingredients or carry on doing what we do, homemade, nourishing, interesting dishes that are very fairly priced.
    As for the Hill Station being pretentious, I’m a bit mystified by this. If there is one thing that I personally have tried to do with this project, it has been to try and maintain a comfortable environment for its users. A first time visitor remarked the other day that it was good that we hadn’t overdone it with expensive furniture and fittings and the place felt warm and inviting without being posh. We didn’t have massive amounts of money to create the Hill Station and I guess it shows, but for many people this seems to be a point in its favour. Its human and people really like its homespun feel.
    I can assure you that we have taken on board the comments made and that we will continue to improve our service to the community that we live in.

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