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Location: The cafe is on Kitto Rd, SE14 5TY at street level, underneath the Telegraph Hill Community Centre. See map. Telephone 020 7635 2955. Join the Hill Station facebook group here

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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi,

    I read your minutes and saw your looking into creating a communication strategy. I’m happy to help out, I live very close, but am away for the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you need any help.


    1. That’s great. Thanks for the offer to help. A few of us are going to meet soon to get the ball rolling – I’ll make sure you are informed.

  2. Hi, I have just started a baby yoga class in the community centre above the cafe. It runs every wednesday morning 10-11 and I plan to attend for maybe 7-9 months. After yoga today the class decided to go for a coffee in the cafe (something we plan to do every week after class).

    As we approached the cafe we were greeted by a member of staff telling us “You’re not really meant to take your buggies inside, you are meant to keep them outside but I see you have infants so you can bring them in”. Our babies range from 9 weeks to 6 months so need their buggies. I remember thinking, what a strange thing to say to 7 new mums but we went in anyway.

    Then, maybe five minutes after arriving my friend took her baby out of the buggy as she could see he was tired and she simply wanted to settle him before putting him back in for some sleep. Within seconds of lifting the baby out of the buggy, the same member of staff came up to my friend and said that as the baby was not in the buggy she would have to take it outside.

    My friend explained it was temporary that the baby was out but was quite taken by the fact she was asked to put it outside in the first place so we decided to leave. (3 of us left and some stayed, who we didn’t know beforehand).

    If my friend had agreed to put her buggy outside then it would have taken her a good ten minuted to remove all valuables from the buggy and anything her baby might need and to protect it against the rain. It just seems crazy on a week day (when it was quiet) to make a fuss about a buggy. It made us feel like we were unwelcome as mums in the cafe, like we had to hide the fact we had babies. So we ended up spending £15 on lunch each somewhere else, which is a shame as it seems a really nice cafe.

    Why have you introduced this approach? I have also heard you have a no baby day on friday which is fine but can you at least make babies feel welcome the rest of the week?


  3. Thank you for your post Davina which has prompted a torrent of emails within the Bold Vision management group. We are sorry that you had a disappointing experience at the Hill Station, and please rest assured that all of your group and your children are both welcome and appreciated

    There are so many different aspects to this issue and we aim to represent a fair and reasonable balance. Maybe some of our readers would like to contribute to the debate? Just add your comments below.

    Points in favour of buggies coming in have included the need to let sleeping babes lie, weather concerns and managing multiple children. Plus of course our aim as Bold Vision to be a welcoming space for all.

    On the other hand, there are times when Health and Safety is compromised by buggies (eg blocking fire exit, trip hazard) or the cafe is just too busy. Being inclusive and welcoming to all means those without babies as well as those with – they also complain when they can’t get in for buggies – and staff who need to move around the cafe serve everybody safely and efficiently.

    As a general principle, we want to steer clear of setting down inflexible rules and regulations. There are times when one or two buggies is no trouble at all. And there will be times when cafe staff may ask customers to leave buggies outside as a necessary compromise for all.

    As we develop the cafe, we will bear all of these issues in mind and do what we can to make life as comfortable as we can for everybody.

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