A greener Hill Station

by Bridget McKenzie
There are so many ways that people involved in the Hill Station project are thinking about having a positive impact on the environment. Ian Convery, the cafe manager, has experience in sustainable building so he knows the best choices of fixtures and fittings. (Cork flooring is green because it’s made from the waste of the wine stopper process. The splashbacks are made from Smile Plastics…) John Hamilton has fitted underfloor heating. Most of the build has been from salvaged materials and most of the furniture and equipment has been donated (or rather it WILL be donated – more is needed!) Local garden designer Naomi Sylvester is planning to plant a garden, which should provide some herbs and other useful plants. And of course, John Knepler, the project architect, with others, is masterminding the green thinking.

Your ideas for more green interventions would be much appreciated. Three ideas come to my mind that take advantage of new schemes:

For example, the Climate Change Minister has just announced a microgeneration strategy where community groups and businesses can get support to install wind and solar power to get off the grid.

The Woodland Trust has grants for groups to plant trees and I’ve heard talk about planting some more fruit trees in the top park, which could supply fruit for the cafe.

And finally, a new website has been launched called Ecomodo, encouraging communities to share resources. You use the service to create a trusted circle (which could be centred on Hill Station) and offer items you have to share and things you want to borrow.

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One thought on “A greener Hill Station”

  1. Catherine said…
    Also we are using Ecotricity (http://www.ecotricity.co.uk) for the power supply (100% renewable, unlike some of the “green” tariffs offered by the major suppliers which only fulfil legal minimums.
    Love the fruit tree idea and I like the Smile Plastic so much I’ve clad my downstairs loo in it instead of tiles!

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