Refugee Week: our project Impact Report Jun 20

It is Refugee Week this week – and Global Refugee Day today.

It’s a huge problem. 60 million displaced persons. Where to start? It can all feel too much to even keep them all alive, let alone find a future.
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What we are doing with Artmongers and Bold Vision is small, but at least it works. Even if only a few dozen people have better well-being, it’s a start. It’s better than despairing or turning away.

You can be part of the next phase by coming along to our meeting at the Hill Station on Sat Jun 25, 7-9pm.

Or you can donate here.

Today we are publishing our Impact Report about the first phase of the project. Contact if you would like a copy.

Az evalIn it we explore the issues on the camp, explain our approach and share the encouraging results of our impact research using the 5 factors of well being.


Action Planning Meeting for Refugee project Jun 25

Come and join Artmongers and Bold Vision at the Hill Station (SE14 5TY) 7-9pm on Jun 25th to discuss our next two projects – the Refugee Experience Evening and Refugee Radio. More info available on request ( Lots of opportunities to get involved and make an enjoyable contribution to these ideas.

We are gathering people who can help with

  • Performing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Event managing
  • Social Media
  • PR
  • Recording / producing
  • Security

Is it you? Join the conversation, help shape these projects Jun 25th 7-9pm

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Next refugee twinning meeting Jan 7

Last time we met we discussed several great projects. See the post of that meeting for more info.

Now I am about to revisit the camp in order to:

  1. Gather follow up evaluation data based on the 5 factors of well-being used in New Cross Connected Communities research so that I can write up the work and we can seek further funding
  2. Get permissions from those people in the video so we can use it more widely
  3. Progress the first two of the projects below that we feel is most ready for implementation

I really hope you can come along and share ideas, contribute new thoughts, bring this alive!

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Bilingual Youth: Bring together young people in London learning Arabic and young people in the camp who want to learn English. Involve library donations and understanding of Arabic literature. Leader: Soile

Knitting / Craft circles: create easy entry, safe neighbourhood eg per block where women can gather in each others houses on a rotation basis to spend an hour doing craftwork together. Leader: Kitty

Music with children: create a combined choir sharing songs between Edmund Waller and school in the camp. To sing together via live streaming and to send recordings of each other singing each other’s songs. Leader: Byron?

‘Barn-raising’: create action focus for men to come together and redress their sense of powerlessness to protect and provide for their families. Eg build a children’s playground together, build a shaded seating area by water tap. Leader: tbc but Anshu will kick off

Peace Rocks: have peace rock dipping events during Feb for display during festival. Leader: Catherine