A greener Hill Station

by Bridget McKenzie
There are so many ways that people involved in the Hill Station project are thinking about having a positive impact on the environment. Ian Convery, the cafe manager, has experience in sustainable building so he knows the best choices of fixtures and fittings. (Cork flooring is green because it’s made from the waste of the wine stopper process. The splashbacks are made from Smile Plastics…) John Hamilton has fitted underfloor heating. Most of the build has been from salvaged materials and most of the furniture and equipment has been donated (or rather it WILL be donated – more is needed!) Local garden designer Naomi Sylvester is planning to plant a garden, which should provide some herbs and other useful plants. And of course, John Knepler, the project architect, with others, is masterminding the green thinking.

Your ideas for more green interventions would be much appreciated. Three ideas come to my mind that take advantage of new schemes:

For example, the Climate Change Minister has just announced a microgeneration strategy where community groups and businesses can get support to install wind and solar power to get off the grid.

The Woodland Trust has grants for groups to plant trees and I’ve heard talk about planting some more fruit trees in the top park, which could supply fruit for the cafe.

And finally, a new website has been launched called Ecomodo, encouraging communities to share resources. You use the service to create a trusted circle (which could be centred on Hill Station) and offer items you have to share and things you want to borrow.

Forum Theatre workshop 10.07.2010

Adrian Jackson is the artistic Director and founder of Cardboard Citizens, a theatre company that works with homeless people using the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). This world-renowned system allows people to use theatre to look at issues of importance in their lives and society at large.

Come join us for an afternoon initiation into this transformational theatre form and a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading practitioners. This workshop will include simple games and exercises, including Image Theatre, offering a unique opportunity to have an insight into this work, which is used in development and other contexts throughout the world. No experience is necessary, come as you are.
All profits from this workshop will go towards Bold Vision.
To register, please email petia@cardboardcitizens.org.uk with your name, mobile number and email & we will send you an invoice!
Hurry, this one will book up fast!
When: 10th July 12pm – 6pm
Cost: £30 (some bursary places available, please apply to the committee stating your  reasons for wanting a free place.
Where: Telegraph Hill Community Centre, Kitto Road, London SE14 5TY

New studs for Telegraph Hill 29.05.2010

The temporary stud wall to protect the storage area (that we built in April before the floor slab was cast) needed to be demolished again, in preparation for the building of new walls sitting on the back edge of the floor slab.

So four of us did that. The materials are ready to be recycled yet again.

We also started to paint the rear brick wall.

During the week, Ian continued to build one of the glazed walls – it can be seen on the left.