#peacerocks come to London Mar 2016

Show solidarity with Syrian refugees by making a peace rock and displaying it on your doorstep. Or giving it to someone you wan tot make peace with so they can display it on theirs.

We made them at Common Growth, outside the Hill Station and outside New Cross Learning. It was a joy.

Peace Rocks! Oh Yes it does… from Artmongers on Vimeo.

Smashfest Asteroid Alert!

An asteroid is heading for Lewisham… what will you do?!

SMASHfestUK, is a brand new science and arts festival for young people, piloting in Deptford, South East London during the February half term holidays (14th February – 22nd February 2015)


Part sci­fi, part horror and part post-apocalyptic-nightmare, the festival is themed around a gripping story in which an asteroid is on a collision course with Planet Earth and a zombie invasion ensues. You can follow the story online HERE or by navigating via the links at the bottom of each page. Join in by sending us your own Asteroid Survival Kit list, or sending photos with the #smashfestuk hashtag to @SMASHfestUK on Twitter or Instagram.

Real life visitors will have the chance to plan for Armageddon, whether it’s preparing to go underground at our Survival Supermarket Sweep, singing for your lives at Armageddon Open Mic, simply enjoying your last night on Earth with the End of the World Cabaret, creating a #FRIDGIE for our time capsule; The Peoples’ Ark or taking a trip to the Intergalactic Travel Bureau. For details of all these events, and more, navigate using the EVENTS tab at the bottom of the page or click HERE.

Talk to Me! Nov 2

Oct 26 saw the launch of Talk to me South East London Week.

Enjoy this joyful video then come along on Sat Nov 2 to see more

Interactive Disco Stop from Artmongers on Vimeo.



Run by Talk to me London and the RSA’s Connected Communities team, the week will encourage people in the New Cross area to interact more with people they do not already know, in an effort to reduce the feelings of isolation and alienation in the city, and to increase the sense that New Cross is a friendly neighbourhood. The Connected Communities research has revealed strong links between people’s satisfaction with their neighbourhood, and their health, life satisfaction, and wellbeing.

The signature ‘Talk to me SE London’ badge will be available to pick up in many locations around New Cross. Wearing the badge indicates to others that you’re friendly and want to talk. We’re also working with a number of local organisations to organise flagship events – more information and a full listing of events can be found on our website: http://www.talktomelondon.org/events

Here are some ideas for ways you can join in:

  • pick up a Talk to me SE London badges  from locations in New Cross throughout the week eg New Cross Learning, local hostelries.
  • be an ambassador. On Sat Oct 26 and Sun Oct 27 the project will be giving out Talk to me SE London badges in New Cross as well as flyers explaining what will be happening during the week! Interested in helping? Email at hello@talktomelondon.org
  • participate in the ‘Talk Stop Challenge’.  Patricio Forrester will be transforming several bus stops in New Cross and turning them into ‘Talk Stops.’ If you have any creative ideas, email them to hello@talktomelondon.org
  • join an event – Talk to me dinner, Talk to me pub quiz and closing party are open to all.  See programme.
  • organise your own event/activity.  The project encourage you to organise your own activities during the week. It could well be something you’re already organising during the week but which would fit under the wider ‘Talk to me’ theme. More ideas here

Questions, queries and suggestions? email hello@talktomelondon.org